PDN PhotoPlus Convention 2014

CONFERENCE: OCT. 29 – NOV. 1, 2014
EXPO: OCT. 30 – NOV. 1, 2014

I’m doing TWO new seminars at PhotoPlus this year: Retouching Techniques for the Professional Look and Product Retouching and Compositing

I’m being sponsored by ADOBE so you know there will be some nice giveaways!

You can sign up for my seminars HERE.
Hope to see you all there. Be sure and check out the other great Photography centered seminars going on all week!!


Speaking Engagement at the PDN Expo, Oct. 2013

I’m speaking again at the 2013 PDN Photoplus Expo, October 24th, 2013 at 1:30pm.  You can go here for more info: http://www.photoplusexpo.com/seminars/seminar-schedule

The title of my course is “Retouching Techniques for the Professional Look”, and it covers just that: taking your project from start to professional finish.  I’ll go over some of the techniques I use every day to bring final and professionally finished images to my clients.

I hope to see you there!

The PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo is the largest photography and imaging show in North America, attended by over 23,000 professional photographers and enthusiasts. Explore over 300 exhibits, see thousands of new products, attend conference seminars, keynote presentations, special events & much more.

– PDN Photoplus International Conference, http://www.photoplusexpo.com/


Speaking at PhotoPlus Expo, October 2012

The PhotoPlus Expo is coming up again!  You might have heard me talk about speaking there last year.  Well, I’m doing it again with a hands-on glamour & fashion retouching course.  The course/workshop runs on October 25th, 2012 at 8:45AM – 10:45AM, titled Glamour & Fashion Retouching.  Get more info at the pdn PhotoPlus website.

I will be demonstrating high-end, professional beauty retouching in a few situations.  Main points will be enhancing eyes, working up lips, masking and color correction and how/when to add texture.

If nothing else, come check out the PhotoPlus Conference + Expo running October 24-27 at the Jacob Javits Center here in New York City and is the largest photography even in the US.  Surely you’ll find something useful, helpful or inspiring.


Teaching Beauty Retouching at SVA, Fall 2012

Yes, that’s right.  Teaching all summer hasn’t slowed me down.  I’ll be teaching two classes this fall at SVA and would love to see you there.

The Business of Beauty Retouching
Sept. 22 – 23, 10am – 5pm
The artistic and business aspects of professional beauty retouching will be addressed in this course. We will cover retouching techniques that include maintaining skin texture, enhancing make-up and improving body contours that are used to make the beautiful look perfect. Additionally, the course will address working with clients, negotiating “redos” and submitting final files.

Course #SWC-2331-A – Register here »

Advanced Beauty Retouching Techniques
Oct. 13 – 14, 10am – 5pm
Creating an advertising image begins with multiple retouching decisions, and ends with a single image ready for publication. In this course, we will review this process using basic retouching skills as well as new techniques. Students will compose multiple image files, perform beauty retouches, create a convincing silhouette,add various effects and properly match product colors. The end result will be a client-ready deliverable file.

Course #SWC-2334-A – Register here »

Hope to see you there!


Teaching this Summer, SVA in 2012

I will be teaching at the School of Visual Arts here in New York City again this summer. If you want to hone your skills and maybe learn something new, check out the courses.

There will be 3 courses – one in June, two in July.  The first two will be focusing on the artistic and business aspects of professional beauty retouching.  Not only will we cover retouching techniques to create that perfect image, but how to work with clients as well.  The third class is focusing taking an image from beginning to finish and all the steps in-between with basic and advanced retouching techniques.

The courses are…

The Business of Beauty Retouching
June 2 – 3, 10am – 5pm
Course#: SWC-2331-A

The Business of Beauty Retouching
July 7-8, 10am – 5pm
Course#: SWC-2331-B

Advanced Beauty Retouching Techniques
July 28-29, 10am-5pm
Course#: SWC-2334-A

I do hope to see you there. I’ve taught there a few years now, so if you want to know what my classes are like, I’m certain you will be able to find someone who’s taken one.

It’ll be great!

Course descriptions, dates, prices and more can be found here.