RetouchPro, “The Spread” – live on Saturday, January 15th

Got a live webcast at RetouchPro today. Hope you join! Get more info here.

I am going to build a beauty spread, like the ones you see in at the cosmetics counter. A spread usually consists of a Beauty shot, Products and a Lifestyle shot (full body). Being conscientious while compiling a complicated composition such as a spread is very important; that means proper layer order!

We will also talk about using the proper tool for the job, yes, we’re taking about the Brushes Panel. and we will talk about why that’s important when you are retouching skin.

This retouch is “the ground rules” for success.

This webcast is today, Saturday, January 15, at 4pm CDT.

Click the following link for details and ticket sales:

3 thoughts on “RetouchPro, “The Spread” – live on Saturday, January 15th”

  1. Rosalind Stephens

    Hi there Carrie

    I am a big fan of your work and am very inspired by what you do.

    I have been retouching since may within the packaging/product market and want to push it further and better, and into the fashion industry.

    I can’t access any retouchpro tutorials on YouTube or via their website because of restrictions because I am in England. This is very frustrating!

    I absolutely plan on buying your book in March, tho this may take some time to read through with my dyslexia. Is there any other way to watch your tutorials? Or do you ever lecture over here, (wishful thinking?!).

    Many thanks,


  2. Hi Rosalind,

    Thank you so much! I don’t have retouchpro tutorials on youtube, so you are not missing out on anything:) They get pirated and spin out of control all over the internet so I don’t do that. I do have a few tutorials here on my site, but I am making some dvds, which will come out just after the book, so stay tuned and keep checking back here!!



  3. I’m glad, Ile….

    Be sure and get the book, which is out now. I’m waiting for the first person to post their image on the Vania Wars page!!!!

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